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“Every afternoon, Lauren and Steven Keys stroll along the beach near their Florida home with their fellow retirees. They’re not octogenarians enjoying the fruit of decades of labor. They’re not even 65, just beginning their post-retirement life…the couple retired at 29.” Vox

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“For most, the typical weekday morning starts off with a blaring alarm clock, a rushed cup of coffee, and a noisy, stress-inducing commute to the office. But one couple found a way to trade the rat race for peaceful mornings spent hiking among active volcanoes in the Pacific one week and waking up beside still lakes surrounded by snow-capped mountains the next. No, they’re not trust fund kids…” CNBC

“The secret to building wealth isn’t to make or have more, according to Lauren and Steven Keys. It’s learning to be content with less…The high school sweethearts have become work-optional at 29 years old with wealth they’ve accumulated on their own…” TIME

“Lauren and her husband Steven…share their tips and tricks for retirement in your 20s on TikTok. Using clever saving techniques, the pair managed to put aside a quarter of a million dollars by the time they were 26.” New York Post

“They…finished an epic American road trip where they visited every single national park…Seven months and 61 national parks later, they arrived back home, no worse off financially than when they left. Now they’re on a mission to spread the message: It’s not as hard as you think.” BuzzFeed

“…thanks to Lauren and Steven Keys, things may be a little easier for the next traveler.” USA Today

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  • BiggerPockets Money: From Making $38,000/Year to FIRE in Their Mid-30s (19:19)






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