Wanna start more conversations about financial freedom or affordable adventuring with the people you know in real life, but don’t know how? Let our merch do the talking for you!

T-shirts ($25 with free shipping)

Super soft, fitted t-shirt made of a cotton-poly blend. Screen-printed graphic (no cheesy on-demand printing). Available in multiple sizes and cuts.

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Photo of Lauren and Steven Keys in TripOfALifestyle.com shirts

Stickers ($2 with free shipping)

Waterproof, vinyl, die-cut stickers for your water bottle, laptop, car, or whatever. We highly recommend sticking one to the back of your paid-off old beater. Each sticker is 2 ⅛” (5.4 cm) wide by 3” (7.6 cm) tall.

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Photo of TripOfALifestyle.com stickers

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